Zoning the Living Room

Zoning is a modern design technique, with which you can transform the room beyond recognition, without resorting to a radical redevelopment. In other words, the bearing structures of the apartment remain in place, but from one room visually are obtained.

Zoning can simultaneously solve several problems:

Allocation of zones of different functional significance within one room. Part of the room can be reserved for children’s games, another for a study or a rest corner.

Zoning of the living room to the room and bedroom will allow separating the place for the reception of guests from the sleeping bed. In this way, the problem typical for one-room apartments is eliminated. You can say that the owner gets an extra room.

Change the functionality of the room depending on the time of day. Such reincarnation is possible due to the ergonomics of modern furniture, which transforms into a design for another purpose. For example, a bed attached to the wall – in the closet for laundry.

Competent zoning of the living room of 20 sq. M and less (18 sq. M, 16 sq. M.) Can create an optical illusion of expansion and visibility of space. The designer will offer a large room divided into several parts for different purposes.

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