Scandinavian style in the interior

In magazines about the interior you can often find a mention of the fashionable Scandinavian style, but how does it differ from all others? Let’s talk about the principles of decorating the room in the Scandinavian style, about typical colors and objects.

The history of Scandinavian style

Similar conditions of life of the peoples of Northern Europe lead to the fact that from the end of the 18th century common approaches and principles of building and decorating dwellings are being formed here. Scandinavians treat their home from the standpoint of functionalism and convenience, they form special ideas about beauty, as the embodiment of simplicity and light.

Basic principles of interior design in Scandinavian style

Despite the fact that in different countries of Scandinavia there are significant differences in culture and national character, one can still speak of the same principles on which the style of the interior is called Scandinavian:

Simplicity: This principle is applicable both to the choice of the forms of objects and to their processing and to the combination of elements in interior design.

Naturalness: The design of the Scandinavian house is dominated by natural materials, in the first place, this tree in all forms. You can also find elements of stone, glass, and metal, as natural elements of nature.

Functionality: In the houses of northern peoples, there is not much room, because large areas need to be heated, and this is quite expensive and troublesome. Therefore, the house is dominated by something that cannot be dispensed with, also the connection of several functions in one subject is welcomed, for example, the bed also serves as a storage space for things.

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