Rules for choosing satin bed linen

Bed linen made of satin, durable, preserves the brightness of colors throughout the life of the product. It is chosen by both careful housewives and connoisseurs of comfortable sleep. The special weaving of threads gives to products from this fabric an elegant and aesthetic appearance and also allows implementing bold design solutions.

Especially popular today is satin bedding with 3D prints, which allows not only to convey the brightness of colors but also to create an animated picture effect. Elegant and expensive look sets of satin-jacquard with a special weaving of threads. But on sale, it is possible to find also quite budgetary models of bed-clothes from this fabric it is necessary to give only preference to the manufacturer who is ready to guarantee the quality of production.

Criteria for the correct choice of satin bedding

In order for satin linen to serve as long as possible, it is necessary to follow certain rules when choosing textiles. Quality satin is made from 100% cotton, this is the composition that provides it with the necessary density and durability. Polysatin is a material made of mixed or synthetic yarns, it has the same weaving as its cotton counterparts, and is also externally effective, but is much cheaper. On sale, you can find products with children’s prints and complete sets for full-sized beds.

Another important factor that should be remembered when choosing a sateen is the strength of the material. The wear resistance of the product depends on it. The minimum parameters for cotton fabrics are 110 threads per 1 cm2. The optimal range is 120 / 180 threads per 1 cm2. Density also matters on the package, it is indicated in grams per square meter. In the case of satin, this figure should not be lower than 120 g / m2. The indicator on the mercerization of the material indicates that the product will retain its luster longer than conventional analogs.

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