Posters in the interior

The decor of walls with posters is today a fashion trend in the interior design of apartments, country houses, and cottages. The main thing is to choose the right theme, the color range, the size of the canvas, to achieve a harmonious combination with the general background of the room. There are several rules, observing which you can choose the right version of the poster for the interior of any room.

Where to place the poster correctly?

In order for the poster to fit perfectly into the design of the room, you need to consider the size of the canvas and its location. When choosing a size, you need to know the dimensions of the object over which the poster will be placed. Having a poster over the fireplace in the living room, the headboard of the sofa in the bedroom, the dresser in the dressing room, you need to choose a width of the cloth equal to not less than a third of the length of the object itself (fireplace, sofa, chest of drawers). If the canvas is smaller, it is recommended to place a copy similar to the plot and coloring next to it.

The choice of the height of the fastening depends largely on how high the ceilings are in the building. According to well-established traditions, the poster is hung in such a way that the center of the canvas is at eye level. In the event that several canvases are hung, the distance between them should not be less than the width of the baguette of each specimen and not more than the width of the canvas of the smaller of the posters.

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