Mirror Tiles in The Interior

Mirror tile is popular with designers who work with interior projects. Square, rectangular, diamond-shaped, made of glass or plastic, it is able to revitalize and transform the rooms, decorated in different interior styles.

Entrance hall: Here the reflecting finishing material looks most appropriate, more often it is laid out a panel or framed by a mirror. To increase the area of the hallway, traditionally a small room, it is possible to lining one of the walls from top to bottom. Do not in any way remove the end wall in a narrow room for this purpose. Such an idea, embodied in life, will make the room look like a long and tight pencil case.

Kitchen: To give a zest to the design of the room, where the hostess spends most of the time, a part of the walls is decorated with mirrors. When planning the interior, it should be borne in mind that the mirror surfaces of a large area a test for the hostess, they are particularly noticeable soot and dust. Therefore, more often a mosaic or bricks are laid out the working surface, the so-called apron. The mirror wall is appropriate only in a very small kitchen.

Bathroom: A successful design solution for a small bathroom room walls and ceiling, decorated with mirrors. The acquired effect is optical expansion of space and amplification of illumination due to multiple reflection of the light source. This simple method allows you to get a stylish interior in a previously tight and poorly lit room. In the bathrooms of a large area are recommended a variety of combinations of mirror and ceramic tiles. The silver shade of the mirror fits well with the tile of black color.

Living room: In its interior organically fit mirror panels, made in an artistic style. It is appropriate to arrange next to him flower arrangements, beautiful knick-knacks, an antique cupboard with expensive utensils. Mirror visually multiplies the beauty in your living room exactly twice.

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