Living room decorating mistakes

Most of the living rooms of urban apartments in terms of designers are equipped with errors. In some cases, this is really so, and the mistakes are literally dictated by the lack of space in the living room, and this is an objective factor. But more often mistakes are subjective in nature and are caused by an unprofessional approach to finishing, selecting accessories and furniture. We will tell about the main mistakes in the interior design of the living room and how to eliminate them.

Clutter of space

The standard reason is the excess of furniture. Most often this is due to a lack of square meters in the apartment and the need to combine in the living room several functions that are characteristic of other rooms.

Excessive space

Such a mistake in the design of the living room is rare. But it happens even in comparatively small rooms, which seem deserted and uncomfortable.

Lighting solutions

With natural lighting everything is simple it can be adjusted with curtains. But the blinds in the classical sense in this room, if you put them so that they were invisible. And use them only on especially hot and sunny days, so that the walls are not faded, the fabric of curtains and furniture upholstery.

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