Kitchen Design with Balcony

The kitchen with access to the balcony is a great place for the embodiment of interesting design solutions. With the successful design of its interior and competent zoning of space, this place in the apartment will be the most loved for all members of the family.

Ideas of the original kitchen design with access to the balcony

Remodeling the kitchen and combining it with the balcony is undoubtedly the best way to transform the room. But for various reasons, such repairs are not always possible. However, you can get a beautiful and multifunctional design without even resorting to redesign.

When it is planned to keep the standard purpose of the balcony in the kitchen, you can install a sliding door instead of the usual one for convenient access and saving of useful space. And if you completely glazed the window with the door from the ceiling to the floor, the kitchen will become much lighter and visually more spacious.

When decorating a glassed-in balcony, it is preferable to use dressing materials in the same style as in the kitchen. This will visually expand its space and give the interior a harmonious and finished look.

For a small 9-meter-high kitchen, roll or Roman curtains are best suited to the door and window. They can be ordered in any design the color, type and density of the fabric is selected individually. Stylish and compact, such curtains will not take up much space, besides they are very easy to wash.

It is unusual and very nice to decorate the balcony door with a window with thread curtains made of beads or beads. The glass elements of this curtain will be bewitchingly poured into the sun, filling the interior with a special fabulous atmosphere.

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