How to Equip The Dressing Room?

The equipment of the dressing room is not a whim, but a demand of the time. New standards of life assume the allocation of a separate room for storing things and clothes. How to use the space of the dressing room? Let’s talk about the principles of planning and decorating the wardrobe.

The arrangement of a cloakroom requires careful planning, it depends on the plan how efficiently space will be used.

The dressing room not only a separate room but a closet and a niche. The convenience of the wardrobe is that it takes up space from top to bottom. By organizing the storage area, you need to estimate the amount of things that are supposed to be placed in it. It is necessary to decide what and how much should hang, what can lie on the shelves, and what should be stored in baskets and boxes. It is a sober estimate of the volume will allow you to choose the right stuff for the wardrobe and conveniently place everything. You need to calculate the necessary number of hangers, drawers, shelves, space to accommodate large items if any.

Next is the stage of placing all the necessary stuff in the space, traditionally, the bars for the hangers are placed in the middle, the shelves are on the upper part of the room, and the boxes and additional shelves are at the bottom.

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