How to choose the right bed?

Those who understand the value of a good dream know how important it is to choose a bed correctly. Bed, like no other element of the situation in our house, requires a careful approach to the choice not only in terms of appearance but also convenience. The bed consists of three parts a frame, a rack bottom, and a mattress. Therefore, the process of choosing your bed should also be divided into three parts. Let’s consider in detail the question of how to choose the right bed.

The materials used in the manufacture of frames are an array of wood, metal, and chipboard with veneer. How to choose a bed frame?

The solid wood is a good choice for a durable, comfortable bed. Furniture made of this material fits well into any interior and will last for many years. The best skeletons are made from valuable hardwoods beech, oak or mahogany. But they are worth a considerable amount. Furniture made of pine is cheaper, but its strength is slightly lower over time, joints may loosen, and when drying, irregularities may appear.

Beds made of metal are cheaper than wooden ones, besides, they are very durable. But often they are too primitive or (for example, for forged frames) too expressive design. When choosing such a basis, think how well it will fit in the look of your bedroom.

Frameworks of chipboard or fiberboard veneered the cheapest option. Constructions made of such materials are heavy, not very strong and short-lived. You can choose them only if you have a very limited budget.

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