How to Choose a Wool Blanket?

It’s good to plunge into the enveloping warmth of a woolen blanket on a cold winter evening. Soft wool as if removes from the body all the negative, giving a sense of ease and comfort. Unlike synthetic materials, wool allows the skin to breathe, which has a beneficial effect on health during sleep. To date, the most popular are blankets of sheep and camel wool. Each of them has unique properties of thermoregulation and provides a healthy microclimate of the human body.

The main advantage of natural wool blankets is a natural filler. In the process of sleep, it perfectly retains the warmth of the human body, without creating a greenhouse effect. But the dignity of woolen products does not end there.

In addition to low thermal conductivity, wool blankets have healing properties. Due to the presence of the natural substance lanolin, there is a removal of muscle tension and immersion of a person in the phase of healthy sleep. Natural fiber helps with diseases of radiculitis, rheumatism and colds.

A wool blanket perfectly absorbs the moisture formed during sweating. In this case, the product itself remains dry, using a unique property of self-cleaning.

Durability. With proper care, the blanket will last for several decades.

The shortcomings of wool blankets include the mandatory compliance with the temperature regime during washing. Otherwise, lanolin can be washed, and the product will lose its therapeutic effect. It is not recommended to use woolen blankets for people who are allergic to animal hair.

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