How to choose a sofa for the living room?

The sofa is an indispensable resident for the living room. How to choose a sofa that will be comfortable and decorate the room? Let’s talk about what types of couches there are and what criteria it should be chosen.

Before buying a sofa, you need to decide how it will be used. For different tasks, there are different versions of this furniture.

There is a large number of different sofas, which differ, primarily in terms of function and mechanism of transformation:

Non-folding sofas: Such furniture is very beloved by interior designers since sofas without transformation are usually less bulky and are performed in a variety of forms. Traditionally, non-folding sofas include such options as sofa, canapé, couch and ottoman.

Modular sofas: This furniture is not laid out in the usual sense of the word, but this sofa consists of several modules for sitting, which can be moved and create different configurations of seats, depending on the needs, they can be arranged in a line, in a circle, divided into several parts.

Folding sofas: The most popular types of sofas can have a variety of folding mechanisms, turning into a sleeper.

Before buying a sofa, be sure to sit on it. A good sofa does not have to be soft, it should be rather rigid. Notice how quickly the coach takes the original shape after you have sat on it. This should not take much time. When choosing a corner sofa, you should know in advance which side (right or left) the angle will be set to.

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