Fireplaces in The Interior

Dreaming of comfort and warmth in the house? Then you need a fireplace in the living room. Tell you what fireplaces are and how with their help you can transform the interior of the hall of a house or apartment.

How to choose a fireplace?

Living room with fireplace a dream of many owners of country houses and urban apartments. Previously, they were used exclusively for heating purposes, today it is an element of decorating the room that performs aesthetic functions. There are a huge number of types of fireplaces, differing in form and material of production, finishing; natural stone, metal, marble, etc. According to the design features and type of fuel used, they are classified according to the following types:

Electric: Such heaters are suitable for installation in multi-storey buildings since they are easy to maintain and safe to use. The advantages of an electric fireplace in the interior of the living room can also include the radiation of real heat and the absence of an open source of the fire.

Wood: The installation of such heaters is possible in large rooms of at least 25-30 square meters. Particular attention is paid to the architectural design of the main entrance (portal) and the hollow channel, through which the smoke passes from the combustion chamber of the fuel into the pipe. The main advantage of wooden structures is naturalness.

Gas: The design features are similar to coal ones, with the exception that there is no place for storing fuel. Here, in the role of combustible material acts gas, and the place of its storage specially conducted pipes.

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