Black furniture in the interior

Thinking about the situation in the living quarters, we strive to use original design ideas. Black furniture in the interior today in a trend. Depending on the color environment, the black color can become warm or cold. Let’s try to understand the rules for combining dark furniture, and calculate the individual formula of the harmony of space.

The style of the decorated space dictates the rules of color solutions. The combination of different colors, close in the spectrum, leads to harmony. So, on a gray metalized shade of walls, a dark high-tech wardrobe will look rather laconic.

In the ultra-trendy Hi-tech, the use of a color kaleidoscope is not permissible, so achromatic colors are diluted with bright decor elements. For example, a sofa with clear straight lines can be freshened with colorful fur cushions.

The uniqueness of black furniture is that it fits perfectly with any style and background. Respectable cabinet of dark wood, covered with yacht lacquer looks elegant against the background of pistachio walls of the room.

Creative natures choose an interior with black furniture in the spirit of Modern. Exotic chairs with S-shaped lines, wavy forms of chests of drawers and consoles set the main motive of the room.

The main thing is not to use cheap materials. Then exquisite furniture made of ebony will be an ideal option for enjoying and inspiring the owners.

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